Copper Cliff Part Deux

Joel and I had a fruitless search a few weeks ago for a location in Sudbury interesting enough for plein air sketching. We wandered around for over an hour trying to find a somewhat inspiring location and came up with nil. This time, however, we opted to go back to our old sketching stomping ground for Copper Cliff Part Deux.

I’m pretty  much convinced that despite it’s industrial neighbours, Copper Cliff could be transformed into an artsy small-town suburb of Sudbury, if anyone in Sudbury had the imagination to do it (which of course, they don’t). There is a old style main street, a large green park, stately historic homes and an old building that must have been a hotel at some point but which is now an old folks home (what a waste of good architecture). Joel and I are kind of fascinated by Copper Cliff. Of course you would have The Stack constantly in the background, but we think it’s a place that has some kind of charm.

Copper Cliff, ON. We liked the look of this old school barbershop.

Copper Cliff Part Un, almost 2 years to the day in 2009

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