Sketches from Maine

Joel and I are back from our honeymoon/road trip to Maine. It was awesome, despite some areas being literally clogged with tourists (what is it about beaches that makes people lose their minds?)

Joel and I are not beach bums, the only reason we’d sit on a beach is to draw all the motionless people! But we didn’t really even get a chance to do that, instead we were on a Wyeth pilgrimage. We also didn’t do a single nautical thing while in Maine! Is that weird? And no, we didn’t eat a whole lobster. Too expensive. But we did have a few lobster rolls.


+ Olson House in Cushing. So awesome and moving. Highlight of the trip

+ The Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport. Stupidly expensive but worth every damn penny.

+ The East Wind Inn in Tenant’s Harbour. So cozy with excellent, cheap (by Canadian standards) food and right across from Jamie Wyeth’s island!

+galleries and cute shops doting every regional road along the coast. You CAN work out of your garage in Maine!

+great food pretty much everywhere.

+affordable Wyeth prints

+N.C Wyeth paintings in person. HOLY. Talk about blowing you away!


– being the youngest people by like 30 years at most inns and b&bs.

– Bed and breakfasts. I decided I’m not a fan of feeling like I’m paying to stay in someone’s house and 8am communal breakfasts are just painful. Not my best conversational time.

– The Downeast region. Dubbed the “real Maine” by our guidebook, this region reminded us too much of Canada. Depressing.

– Sanford, Maine. What a s***hole.

– The growling “coydog” roaming around our tent at 2am!

Onto the sketches!

Kennebunkport, Maine

My sketch of the Olson House in Cushing, Maine. Highly recommended for fans of Andrew "Andy" Wyeth's!

Rockland, Maine. Lots of gulls!

Stonington on Deer Isle. Really cool little fishing village.

Being married is pretty fun too!

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2 thoughts on “Sketches from Maine

  1. RequiemForATenthGradeAshTray on said:

    What you do is amazing. I don’t feel worthy of writing any reviews in your blog, but I couldn’t help myself since everything here has moved me so much.

    You are really lucky .. incredibly lucky with having found what your calling is. Your work is extraordinary.

    Cheers! And kudos, from a fan 🙂

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